Ice Skating in the Rio Grande Valley

A few weeks ago my friend and I decided to go ice skating. We looked up possible places and stumbled upon the Frio Grande ice skating rink. the rink is located in McAllen, Texas, not far from where we live, so we decided to check it out. The prices were cheap, well actually I wouldn’t know what is an appropriate price for ice skating as I’ve never been before. The entrance fee was$3 and skate rental was $8. We were able to skate for an hour and a half. There were a fair number of people there so an hour in it was getting hard to skate. The place does provide skating Aid in the form of premiums and snowmen. The place also had music playing to add to the fun. I was very pleased and will definitely be going back.

Final Prezi Project

This is the final project for our Biography Unit. All of my students had to chose a different person who was considered influential, changed their field, and together they had to edit one giant Prezi. Each student had to present their five facts to their respective class. It was a great success, with only a handful who didn’t complete the project.

More crazy sayings…

We were talking about morals in fables and a student of mine said the characters will “read while you sew.” Laughing, I corrected the student and had to explain what “You reap what you sow” meant.

I have a jacket that has a tag that reads “Gypsy Warrior,” a student thought that said “Crispy Warrior.” I laughed for ten minutes. My students are weird.

I have also been called mom twice, I am surprised it happened this late in the year. Jokingly, I told my “children” that I shunned them and they were raised by wolves, thus explaining their abhorrent manners.

The Death of an Otherwise Beautiful Collaboration

We are working on biographies and autobiographies in class. All 7th grade teachers decided to have the students create a biography over an influential person of the past century. We also decided to allow the students to manipulate a prezi to form a presentation for the class. A prezi is an interactive presentation tool that can be used online. I decided that ALL my students were going to work on one GIANT prezi. My first two classes took to it and worked on it fine…my Pre-AP class, well they destroyed my faith in collaborative work. Prezi is great, in that it saves every minor change…that can be a disadvantage when a student accidentally deletes half of the projects. Now, this wouldn’t have been an issue if said student were to have owned up to the mistake and allowed me to undo the mistake from their computer. Life is never that easy, of course no one wanted to say anything and so I cancelled the computer lab day and we walked back to class. I threatened the whole class with detention for ruining everyone’s project until finally one student told the truth. Ugh!! This would have been a beautiful cross-class collaboration report. It still can, but I have to fix the mistake and tell my other classes that their work was for naught…Why can’t things go the way they are supposed to?

What did you say?!

In my classes we are talking about influential people of the 20th and 21st century in order to write a biography. My students, 7th graders, were super lost when we were talking about what constitutes as an influential person. Below are some comments I heard throughout the day…

  • I asked if anyone knew anything about Maya Angelou. A student, in Pre-Ap, answered, “Oh, isn’t she related to Michelangelo.” I clenched my fist and grit my teeth to keep from saying something. Many students answered, “No! He is a Ninja Turtle.”
  • We were talking about Coco Chanel when a student asked, “Didn’t he create coco pebbles?” I glared and held up my hands in the form of the Chanel logo …they still didn’t understand it. I was also asked why I was saying it wrong, “Teacher it’s pronounced channel!!”
  • When we were talking about Diana, Princess of Wales, my students jumped up to claim I misspelled ‘whales.’ I was then asked, “How can someone be a princess of whales?”

Thankfully those were the only mishaps I had…this is going to be a looooong unit…


So, everyone hears about the pains of teaching, all the paperwork. However, actually working, trying to teach AND do all the paperwork, it’s tough. I guess, now that I’ve been at it for six weeks, I feel more adept at working and I feel like I understand more of what is going on. YAY for progress!!!

First day of school ramblings

On the first day I decided to show a PowerPoint presentation to tell the students a little bit about me. I added pictures of my trips one of the pictures was of the Roman Coliseum. I had a student look at it and question, “ma’am if this thing is so old why don’t people just tear it down?” I now know that I also have to teach them to appreciate a culture that is not their own. Barely the first week of school and I already have my work cut out for me.