Get rid of what?

Twice a week the students have to write a picture diary. This picture diary is based on a topic that we choose and they just write a couple sentences and draw picture. The most recent picture day was “do you think it will be easy or hard to work on the farm and why?” The following is one that was written using Google Translation.



My students asked if I was going home to Mexico. I told them my home was Texas, but they started chanting Mexico. I love my class.


Apparently one of my kinder students is a Texas fan. By the end of the day I had them all chanting “Texas”.


Rolling in the dough.

Yesterday, I told my third graders that my contract ends April 30th and that I will go on a month long trip in Europe. I joking told them that they needed to give me a years with of gifts, instead I had a few tell me they were going to I’ve me money. They wrote out banknotes so I wouldn’t run out of money. A few of the notes have infinity symbols so the bank will give me unlimited money. They are too cute.



I don’t even know.

Many of my students wrote this in their books. P.S. The correct answer was wolves.



One if my students, a seven year old, said she can beat up a five year old and win. Oh Amie.


Random pics

Just wanted to get a group shot of my kids.





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