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Handmade Purses

Blanche barrel bag and wallet $80
Blanche barrel bag and wallet $80

My mom handcrafts various handbags. She has fabrics of varying print and can always order different fabric. Each bag can be made with different prints. Her Facebook page is Laura’s Farmhouse Creations. She is located in Los Fresnos, Texas. In Harlingen, Texas she has some handbags at HoneyBee’s located on 207 W. Jackson Ave (between Sombrero’s Cafe and Carlito’s Wine House).

NCW wallet $27.50
NCW wallet $27.50
Sandra saddle bag $35.50
Sandra saddle bag $35.50
Serendipity Hip $32.50
Serendipity Hip $32.50

Student Art Wall update

Many new additions to the art wall.  

Tone and Mood Assignment

Last week we had our students read The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe. On a section of the poem, students had to circle tone and mood words. After the students did that, they were to draw a picture that signifies an important aspect of the poem. 

 Here are my Pre-Ap student’s work. 

Journal topic: if you can be reincarnated as an animal, what would it be?

  I want a pack to roll with!

Spring Break

During Spring Break 2015 my friend and I decided to head to Universal Studios in Orlando Florida! 

Tickets: when we decided to go, we decided to go to the parks for three days. We also decided to get the park-to-park tickets. 

  • Maple Leaf is a great site that has legit tickets at cheaper prices. 
  • Tickets can also be purchased at the hotel, park, or online. 

Hotel: hotel searches are never easy. There are tons of decisions: do we stay on site, off site, couch-surf?

  • Couch surfing is a great way to meet locals and partake of the local life, so not for this trip.
  • Off site and budget hotels are great for those trying so save money and visit other parts of Orlando.
  • On site hotels are great for those spending most of their time at the park and can afford to spend a bit more money for the convenience.

We chose to stay at the resort. There are four different hotels to choose from.

  1. Cabana Bay Resort which is the “value hotel.” This hotel has a water taxi to the park and 1 hr early admission to the Wizard World of Harry Potter.
  2. Lowes Royal Pacific Hotel is a little pricier than the Cabana hotel. This hotel also has the one hour early admission, also included is the fast passes for each inhabitant. (To us this was cheaper than staying at the Cabana hotel and purchasing the fast passes separately)
  3. Hard Rock Cafe is the next up choice. If we had more time to plan and save, we might have stayed here. The early admission and fast passes are also included.
  4. Lastly, there is the Lowes Portofini Bay resort. Unfortunately, we are not that glamorous yet.  The early admission and fast passes are also included.
  5. In summer 2016 owes Sapphire Falls will open. (Maybe this will be our next trip haha)

How to get there? We live in South Texas (near South Padre Island) and we figured that driving would be cheaper than three of us flying. The road trip was brutal. We didn’t want to stop anywhere, all that mattered was getting to Orlando in 18 hrs. So we drove until we couldn’t stay awake and handed off the wheel. Surprisingly, we managed to sleep in the backseat of a Cruze (Chiro here we come). Boy where we glad to see the exit for Universal Studios.

We had such a blast on our whirlwind trip. Being Harry Potter dorks in a place where it is acceptable was so refreshing. Seeing everyone try to cast spells and enjoy their Honeyduke snacks made the trip worthwhile.   


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