In Prague, Czech Republic my friend and I decided to go skydiving. We found a company, Skywalkers, that operated out of Prague. We did a tandem jump from 4,000 meters high and it was awesome. We bought a package that included video and pictures of our jump. The price for the jump and DVD+photos was 230 euros, about $312. It was awesome and I would recommend this company.

OBB bus from Venice to Salzburg

If you are taking the OBB bus from Venice to Salzburg, beware! The bus is NOT at Venezia SL. You need to walk past the train station to the bus terminal in Pizzala Roma. Don’t bother asking anyone at the Venezia bus stand for help, they will shoot you down immediately. If you are facing the bus station walk to the left and go to People Movers. There you must buy a ticket to take a tram to Tronchetto station. It takes about 5 minutes on the tram. Get off at Tronchetto and THERE will be the bus, not at Venezia S.L. Hope no one else misses their bus.

Spring weather?

What type f weather is usual for Paris in spring? It was cold, mid to low 50′s, windy, and rainy! I knew it would be colder than Korea, but the wind factor made it worse! Ugh and there were weird periods of sudden heavy rain that lasted an hour or so. Still has fun.