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Yup. I have been scheduled for LASIK this Friday! The whol process is taking no more than two week! Pena Eye Institute has been very helpful and efficient in my endeavor. The consultation was painless. My eyesight was checked, vision checked, and my eyes were looked over. A few simple questions about my lifestyle were asked and I was given the okay. I was the. Escorted to the medical billing room and given payment options. Luckily there was a special going on. A few days later I was scheduled for the final check up, my eyes were dilated and looked over once again. The doctor gave me some final instructions, my prescriptions, and sent on my way. Let’s see how the surgery goes Friday!

Handmade Purses

Blanche barrel bag and wallet $80
Blanche barrel bag and wallet $80

My mom handcrafts various handbags. She has fabrics of varying print and can always order different fabric. Each bag can be made with different prints. Her Facebook page is Laura’s Farmhouse Creations. She is located in Los Fresnos, Texas. In Harlingen, Texas she has some handbags at HoneyBee’s located on 207 W. Jackson Ave (between Sombrero’s Cafe and Carlito’s Wine House).

NCW wallet $27.50
NCW wallet $27.50
Sandra saddle bag $35.50
Sandra saddle bag $35.50
Serendipity Hip $32.50
Serendipity Hip $32.50

Student Art Wall update

Many new additions to the art wall.  

Tone and Mood Assignment

Last week we had our students read The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe. On a section of the poem, students had to circle tone and mood words. After the students did that, they were to draw a picture that signifies an important aspect of the poem. 

 Here are my Pre-Ap student’s work. 

Journal topic: if you can be reincarnated as an animal, what would it be?

  I want a pack to roll with!

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