First day of school ramblings

On the first day I decided to show a PowerPoint presentation to tell the students a little bit about me. I added pictures of my trips one of the pictures was of the Roman Coliseum. I had a student look at it and question, “ma’am if this thing is so old why don’t people just tear it down?” I now know that I also have to teach them to appreciate a culture that is not their own. Barely the first week of school and I already have my work cut out for me.

Teaching App…GoogleVoice

I was recommended GoogleVoice as a teaching resource. This app allows people to use a separate phone number so others can call or message. Again this is a separate number that allows calls or messages to be sent to your personal phone without giving away your personal number. This is a great tool for teachers to use as you won’t have to give parents and students your personal number. There is a feature that allows incoming messages and calls to be disabled. This is also a great resource to record your communication between yourself, the parents, and the students.

Teaching in Texas…Here I Go!

Moving back to America was difficult. I had applied for jobs before coming home, but nothing came out of it. I had one interview and that didn’t pan out. After months of applying, I finally got a job.

Teaching in America scares me…I am wary of the amount of paperwork, the meetings, the lack of help from the parents and admin…but I enjoy teaching and I am looking forward to trying this out.

Later I will post pictures of my class, posters, and anything else soon